New Sample Pack Alert! TRAILER TOOLKIT VOL.1! Get it now!

New Sample Pack Alert!

JATAKUNA – Raw Drums!

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Tired of using same hits, booms, whooshes and other trailer SFX over and over again?

Are you trying to find fast and easy way to keep your percussion sounding fresh and innovative?

We have good news for you: your search is over!

S.L.A.M. stands for Super Loud Action Metals but it’s much, much more than that!
S.L.A.M. is a collection of professional field sound recordings we made in a HUGE scrapyard.

We have invested full year into developing this pack, picking out only THE BEST samples out of every recording batch. Processing them and preparing them for your convenience.

We used metals, glass, plastic, wood and all kinds of machinery to create huge set of samples.

All samples are sorted out and presented in 3 ways:

This package is created to become your favorite tool for creating earth shattering Metal, SFX or Trailer Sounds

RAW Samples

RAW sample pack contains samples in their natural state, just as we recorded them in the field of in the studio.

We figured that some of you are sound designers and you may want to design these samples further and tailor them for your project.

In the field we sampled things like: shipping container, airplane fuselage, fuel tanks, large aluminum plates, barrels, etc. We used all kinds of different materials to impact the sources to get as musch variation as we possibly could. Some sources were sampled inside of shipping container and large concrete hall in order to capture natural reverberation.

All samples are recorded using high quality microphones and A Class preamps.

Recorded and processed at 48kHz | 24bit.

Below, you can find a few examples of raw sounds included in the package.


Use monitoring headphones or studio monitors for optimal audio experience while listening to these demos!

Heard enough?

MIXED Samples

MIXED sample pack contains samples that we have designed ourselves.

They are project ready!

All you need to do is drag and drop these babies into your new project!

This pack contains tons of SFX as well as bunch of Cinematic Hits, Textures, Ambiences, Trailer Hits, Booms, Whoshes, Risers, etc.

In the studio, we tried to keep it super simple. Simple sound design that sounds great and will fit right in your project.

Main idea behind mixed vs unmixed files is for you to learn to do all the mixing and processing yourself. We will help you with that. All our customer are receiving free sound design tips, tricks and tutorials via email. These are designed to shape you into a world class sound designer and enable you to make super unique sounds on your own.

Below, you can find a few examples of mixed sounds included in the package.


Use monitoring headphones or studio monitors for optimal audio experience while listening to these demos!

If you like what you hear

No? Did I mention that all these are also available as

KONTAKT Instruments

Based on legendary Photosynthesis engine created by Jeremiah Pena these instruments will
give you unlimited range for creative sound manipulation and editing with sound shaping, filters, 13 effects, and a rhythm section featuring a step sequencer, filter sequencer, 2 filter LFOs, and gain/pan/pitch LFOs.

Endless possibilities for an imagination without limits!

Check out this quick walkthrough for more details of what’s inside!

What is included in the package

Files in Total
Raw & Unprocessed Samples
0 WAVs
Mixed & Processed Samples
0 WAVs
Instrument Patches

Here are few words from our fellow composers

SLAM is an amazing sample library. I loved everything about it, but what drew me in was the hits and swooshes. Practically all of the sounds in this instrument are usable right out of the box and that is a stringent criteria of mine when I purchase samples. If you're looking for a modern yet unique sfx library with a good amount of organic-ness that sounds massive from the get-go, then look no further. You'll be hard pressed to find another sample library at this price range with such a variety of sounds.
SLAM brings new and refreshing sounds which are highly usable in trailer and production music. I really like the sound of Hits, Booms, Whooshes and SFX. Some of them are already in my template. Scrapyard Ensemble brings some of the ultimate massive sounds and its possibility to be easily manipulated is beneficial for me while I write sound design tracks. SLAM is great and works perfectly for me whether I'm writing sound design, hybrid or orchestral track.
SLAM is literally what the name says. Slaming hits, guts moving booms, tension building risers. A library that will refresh and satisfy anyones needs for new sound design samples. Versatility of samples allow you to use it in any genre. Inclusion of raw and unprocessed samples, as well as .wav audio format, gives you unlimited possibilites to make unique, original and new signature sounds for your tracks which can make difference of getting placed or not. GUI is simple, not overwhelming, as it should be. A library which I would recommend to every trailer composer in need of fresh palette of sound design.
Simple and effective. Especially great for organic hit layers. Gui is user-friendly and overall tone is quality. Looking out for more cool libraries from Booraz Audio.
Caleb Swift
Composer & Sound Designer
This library is a fantastic addition to any composer's toolbox. From a wide range of high-quality samples to the customization features, SLAM stands out as a strong, versatile library for your next project.
A unique collection of raw metal sounds for the modern producer!


Super Loud Action Metals
$ 29
  • 1 Gb of Samples
  • 200+ WAV Files In Total
  • 150+ Awesome RAW WAV Files
  • 50+ Glorious MIXED WAV Files
  • 10 Kontakt Instrument Patches
  • FREE Sound Design Tutorials via Email
  • FREE Updates